Master thesis in Physics

My thesis on Cosmological closure of metric and area-metric ideal fluids I wrote in 2017 at Heidelberg University.

From in the nilsvu/msc-thesis GitHub repository:

Master thesis in Physics


  • Title: Cosmological closure of metric and area-metric ideal fluids
  • Author: Nils Leif Fischer
  • Submission date: Dec 5, 2017
  • Supervisors: Prof. Björn M. Schäfer (Center for Astronomy Heidelberg) and Dr. Frederic P. Schuller (University Erlangen-Nürnberg)
  • Abstract: To shed some light on the construction of physically viable gravity theories, I employ the gravitational closure framework to investigate a cosmology that is not a priori based on a metric but assumes an area-metric spacetime geometry that arises from the most general linear theory of electrodynamics. To this end, I develop a symmetry reduction procedure to find, for the first time, an exact non-metric solution of the gravitational closure framework under cosmological symmetries. I investigate cosmological sources of gravity and construct an area-metric description of ideal fluids. I conclude by illustrating that, even though we cannot rely on metric concepts such as a metric line-element or a Levi-Civita connection to begin with, we can recover all required notions, such as light rays and observers, that allow us to conduct cosmological observations.
  • Full text: Digital version

Supplementary Mathematica Notebooks

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