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Gravitational waves playground

An interactive iPad visualization I created in 2018.

In this Swift playground book you can make gravitational waves visible and control the visualization of this elusive radiation emitted by two inspiraling and merging black holes.

Black holes playground

A series of interactive iPad simulations I created in 2017.

In this Swift playground book you’ll explore the physics of black holes in Albert Einstein’s theory of general relativity with three interactive simulations on your iPad. Discover the possible trajectories of test particles around a Schwarzschild source, explore the optical effects that occur when a massive object lenses a background light source and watch two black holes merge to hear the gravitational waves they produce in the process.


A Swift logging framework I created in 2015.

This framework allows developers to replace their print logging by Evergreen’s versatile functions to dynamically adjust the verbosity of specific parts of their program, log to multiple destinations (such as files) with custom formatting and easily measure time. Evergreen logging is great to use in any Swift project, but particularly useful when developing a framework, since it gives its users granular control over the output the framework generates. Evergreen is inspired by Python’s excellent logging module and architected for Swift.

Lectures on iOS App Development

A lecture series I held in 2015 at Heidelberg University.

The lecture Software development for iOS gives an introduction to modern application development with an integrated development environment (IDE), the object-oriented programming language Swift and the construction of user interfaces, exemplary for mobile apps on the iOS platform.

Score Sheet for Doppelkopf and Skat

An iOS App I created in 2011 and updated in 2016.

Play Doppelkopf or Skat with your friends and track the scores on your iPhone or iPad! It’s like having a magical sheet of paper that calculates the score for you and shows you all the statistics and graphs you could ask for.