Bachelor thesis in Physics

My thesis on Gravitational Waves in Modified Gravity I wrote in 2015 at Heidelberg University.

From in the nilsvu/bsc-thesis GitHub repository:

Bachelor thesis in Physics


  • Title: Gravitational Waves in Modified Gravity
  • Author: Nils Leif Fischer
  • Submission date: Jul 22, 2015
  • Supervisors: Dr. Valeria Pettorino and Prof. Dr. Luca Amendola
  • Institution: Institute for Theoretical Physics, Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Heidelberg
  • Abstract: Modified gravity theories generally aim to solve part of the cosmological constant problem by providing self-accelerating cosmological solutions without a cosmological constant. Such modifications of general relativity also affect the evolution of gravitational waves in the proposed theory. Instead of focussing on an explicit model, I introduce parametric modifications to the evolution equation of gravitational waves in both unimetric and bimetric settings and investigate their effect on the evolution of tensor perturbation modes. In particular, I argue that any modified gravity theory that exhibits growing tensor modes in cosmological evolution can be in tension with experiments. Therefore, parametric constraints for the physical viability of a general modified gravity theory can be found such that tensor modes remain within limits set by observations.
  • Full Text: Digital version

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